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Paperless Billing: We provide our Customers with detailed billing. Every trip we do is completely documented. This allows you to verify that what we have billed you is both correct and fair. Details include the pickup and delivery locations of each trip, the pieces and weight, reference and/or PO numbers, the type of vehicle you requested, any comments or issues we may have encountered, the total breakdown of charges levied - and even the name of who signed for the product. All this information is useful – but can take a lot of paper to print and organize. In our efforts to “go green” and minimize paper usage, we have chosen instead to create electronic .pdf and excel documents of these reports along with the associated invoice – and we will email these reports directly to your preferred email address. There is nothing to download and you do not need to log into our server to receive your billing and reports. Just open your email and view the attached reports. We will even include our latest newsletter (in .pdf) to keep you informed of any new changes or features we are offering. Simple, efficient and green!! We just need an approved email address to send this to.

Departmentalized Billing: We have the ability to sort (or departmentalize) your billing. If you wish to track and subtotal your billing into specific “sections” or “groups” – we can do that for you. Free!! Tell us how you want us to track and subtotal your billing. Do you want all your charges subtotaled in specific sections (i.e.: By PO Number? By user name? By a client name/number?) Whatever your need, we can provide a departmentalized billing solution.

Secure Server: Each Customer is assigned a specific user name/password to allow access to our Server. There are many amazing features you can use – such as:

Review past detailed billing reports: We provide 2 years of previous billing reports and invoices to all our Customers via our Server. If you need to go back and look something up – we make this easy. Multiple search features for quick retrieval of all reports and invoices of your past billing periods.

Review actual .jpg images of all original Bills of Lading (Probills) for each delivery we perform for you. View, download or print them. These are all stored and available for the past 2 years on our Server.

Review current detailed reports, prices and .jpg images of any delivery we have done – but not yet billed you for. We bill our Customers 2X per month. Thus, there may be times when you want to know what the charges (or details) of a trip are – before you receive your official billing. This information is available to view on our Server within 24 hours of trip completion.

View/download your complete rate package. Do you want to verify or review your rates without having to call us? We make this easy. Every Customer will have their complete rate package available to download from our Server.

Small Vehicle On-line Dispatch Ordering (cars, mini-vans and ½ tons): You can log onto our server and place your delivery order directly to us – without ever having to pick up the phone. Don’t get us wrong, we love hearing directly from our Customers. In fact, it is one of our biggest bragging rights!! When you call us, you will NEVER talk to a computer. NEVER have some complicated, impersonal menu of buttons you have to press just to get a hold of a real person. Call us – we answer you immediately with a real live person who actually cares!! However, we also recognize that people can be very busy. Maybe you’re tied up on your own phone with your own Customers yet you still need to order a delivery. We make that EASY too – just logon and place your order live to Dispatch!!

Large Truck Dispatch Email Ordering (1 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, cube vans, specialty trucks, and semi tractors): Do you have a large truck trip you would like to order via email? Just send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with as much detail as you think we will need. Don’t worry, if we need some clarification or confirmation of exact dates or times – we will either call you - or email you back!! We want to make the process of ordering a large truck as simple as possible!!